The Ruby Sanctum

Established the Thirtieth Day of April, In the Year 2014 CE

The Ruby Sanctum is an Ultra Elite PvP guild within the The Elder Scrolls Online. Some would call this by other names, Aldmeri High Command, The General Order, The Knights of Cyrodiil... But there can be only one true leader, and can be only one true alliance: The Ruby Throne calls.

This is the supreme tactical command for all Aldmeri forces on Wabbajack.

Standards of Play

I. All Men Must Earn The Respect Of The Sanctum

II. Trust Is Never Doubting Command

III. Through Tactics Are Battles Won

IV. Fear Is The Only Weapon For Both Friend And Foe

V. Quality Is Unanimous 


Grounds for Dismissal 

I. Sabotaging the Efforts of the Aldmeri Dominion

II. Breaking Command Form

III. Not Meeting Play Standards 


The Gem Council

The Ruby Commander Holds the Ruby Gem and has three votes on all matters; All Ties are broken with the Ruby Vote

The Other Gem Holders have three votes on all Matters. These Votes can be distributed as seen fit by Guild Leaders according to general guild consensus.

Voting matters include the following: Guild Inclusion, Gem Setting and Fractures, Campaign Movement, Blacklisting

All matters that require a vote shall be concluded within Three days from initiation.


Current Campaign

Wabbajack - AD

Please fill out the form below for consideration.

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